Copyright World Cup 2022: Expensive race
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Copyright World Cup 2022: Expensive race

The 2022 World Cup will kick off next November and the question of interest right now is `where to watch the 32 best teams in the world compete?`.

The closer the start of the 2022 World Cup gets, the more information surrounding this tournament becomes hotter than ever.

Only 5 months until the 2022 World Cup will take place, the question that fans around the world and even in Vietnam are interested in right now is `where to watch the 32 best teams in the world compete?`.

Information about the 2022 World Cup television copyright is an issue of particular concern to Vietnamese football fans.

In recent years, our country’s fans often have to wait anxiously until the last minute to know whether they will be able to watch major tournaments or not.

In addition, VTV also had to rely on the support of two businesses, Vingroup and Viettel, to successfully negotiate to bring the 2018 World Cup to Vietnamese audiences.

Copyright World Cup 2022: Expensive race

VTV, Viettel, and Vingroup are three units that have joined forces to buy broadcasting rights for the 2018 World Cup.

It can be seen that recently, VTV is no longer in the position of `going it alone` in the copyright war when it lost many tournaments to private units such as the U23 Asia tournament, King’s Cup, AFF Suzuki Cup…

However, the wind may change direction at this year’s World Cup.

If this becomes true, it will be very good news for football lovers in Vietnam, as the matches of the biggest football festival on the planet will be widely broadcast to every fan.

Copyright World Cup 2022: Expensive race

If VTV or another unit buys the copyright to the Qatar 2022 World Cup, it will be extremely good news for Vietnamese football fans.

However, with the World Cup copyright price increasing every year, it is expected that the fee that VTV must pay to buy this copyright package will exceed the threshold of 12 million USD (about 280 billion VND) of 4 years ago.

We cannot rule out the possibility that VTV will once again cooperate with domestic businesses to join hands to bring the World Cup to serve the people of the country.

In addition, Thanh Nien also said that VTV is expected to also buy the rights to the 2023 Women’s World Cup – a tournament in which the Vietnamese women’s team will participate for the first time in history.

List of big stars who will be absent from the 2022 World Cup (source: DUGOUT)

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