Cristiano Ronaldo’s 37th birthday: Waiting for CR7’s extraordinary bravery
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Cristiano Ronaldo’s 37th birthday: Waiting for CR7’s extraordinary bravery

Perhaps this is the headline that Ronaldo fans as well as football fans around the world are waiting for the most when the Portuguese superstar officially celebrates his 37th birthday today.

Ronaldo’s 37th birthday was certainly a little less fun, as MU had to admit defeat against Middlesbrough early this morning, thereby stopping in the fourth round of this season’s FA Cup.

Age 36 with many ups and downs

It can be said that 2021 was probably one of the years with the most ups and downs that Ronaldo has experienced throughout his illustrious career.

Looking objectively, Ronaldo at the age of 36 is still one of the best stars in the world.

Those are truly impressive numbers.

Ronaldo’s return to MU was one of the most notable milestones in the football world last year.

Therefore, it can be confirmed that 2021 has been a year with real challenges for the Portuguese superstar.

Ronaldo’s tumultuous summer started with the failed Euro 2020 with Portugal last summer when he had to stop right from the 1/8 round, even though he was the tournament’s top scorer with 5 goals.

The Portuguese superstar returned to his old home, Manchester United, after 12 years away, with many expectations from Manucians to regain his old glory.

Not to mention the fact that Ronaldo was continuously ignored in individual awards last year when he saw his great rival Messi win the World Ballon d’Or for the 7th time, not being in the top 3 awards of FIFA The Best and

New age with new expectations

“It’s better for MU to win tournaments, including the Premier League and Champions League.

Those are the words shared by Ronaldo in an interview not long ago with Sky Sports about CR7’s goals at MU this season.

The ability to face adversity and overcome difficult times are always the Portuguese striker’s strongest points.

Cristiano Ronaldo's 37th birthday: Waiting for CR7's extraordinary bravery

Ronaldo will need to help Portugal overcome the play-off series to participate in the 2022 World Cup finals later this year.

In a sharing by Alex Telles a few months ago, the Brazilian defender said Ronaldo even told his teammates at MU during a training session that he believed the Red Devils were completely capable of winning the championship.

There is still ambition in the 2022 World Cup finals taking place at the end of this year.

Those are all very high goals that Ronaldo set for himself this year, when he is 37 years old and can no longer play top football for long.

The greater the ambition, the more it inspires CR7’s fighting spirit and motivation.

The 2022 World Cup could be the last World Cup.

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