How to play Sett Heroes DTCL Season 9 squad
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How to play Sett Heroes DTCL Season 9 squad

Sett Brave is a unique card that you can spam to climb rank in Truth Arena Season 9 without fear of being contested.

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Sett Valor is a rather interesting unique card in Teamfight Tactics Season 9. You can spam this squad freely without worrying about being fought over by other players.

Sett not only has the ability to tank well, but also causes a significant amount of damage to enemies.

Sett’s skill is Dual Beast Palm, pulling in 2 opponents to stun and deal magic damage.

Combining the 6 Braves buff + Stone Armor Beast will greatly reduce the damage received, helping Sett stand firmly on the front line for a long time, creating the foundation for Bel`veth (the best 5 gold carry at the present time).

Difficulty level: Medium.

Start playing Sett Brave when: there are many Setts.

How to play Sett Heroes DTCL Season 9 squad

Sett resists for a long time, causing a lot of front-line damage

Extremely strong at the end of the game when you have the standard Belveth item

Rotate the main force in a variety of ways, as long as there is a Sett tank

Need gold shovel + BF sword to pair Ionian seal for Belveth

Belveth is very difficult to find

Need Sett 3 stars

+1 Hero / Ionia seal

Trading Area / Golden Ticket / Pandora Queue

The cores increase resistance

Duy Tam Luan (receive Hand of Justice and champions holding BTCL deal more damage)

Bridge of Healing (heal the nearest ally when killing an enemy)

Lee Sin: roll 3 stars

Twisted Fate: standard pick-up

This is the strongest form of early game blood def with the highest win rate

With a 2-star Sett, you can absolutely have a long winning streak, leading in economy and health

Always close your cards when you have 4-5 Setts early

Level up to level 4 in round 2-1

How to play Sett Heroes DTCL Season 9 squad

Level up to level 6 in round 3-2

Slow roll gets a 3-star Sett with a profit of 50 gold

Zed/Jhin pawns Belveth’s items

Play 4 Heroes and 3 Ionia to buff Sett early

How to play Sett Heroes DTCL Season 9 squad
How to play Sett Heroes DTCL Season 9 squad

After having a 3-star Sett, continue to level 7, then level 8 to complete the squad

If you reach level 9, add Gwen or KSante

How to play Sett Heroes DTCL Season 9 squad

Choose the legendary Lee Sin or Twisted Fate

While rolling a 3-star Sett, keep other tier 2 pieces on the queue to increase the odds of getting a Sett

Get upgrades to increase rolls to get 3-star Sett sooner, catching up with other players in the race to level 8.

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