Liverpool captain compared Villarreal to Barcelona at its peak
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Liverpool captain compared Villarreal to Barcelona at its peak

Meeting a Spanish opponent in the semi-finals of the C1 Cup, Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson called on his teammates to give their all like when they met Barcelona 3 years ago.

22In your opinion, Liverpool or Villarreal will be the team to advance to the C1 Cup final this year?

In this year’s Champions League semi-finals, Klopp’s Liverpool will again clash with a team led by Unai Emery, but this time it is Villarreal.

In the past, the Red Brigade lost to the Spanish coach Sevilla in the 2016 Europa League final. Since that defeat, Liverpool has changed a lot from becoming the king of Europe in the 2018/2018 season.

In the immediate future, the Red Brigade will have to overcome an extremely excited Villarreal, after defeating two giants, Juventus and Bayern Munich, to reach the semi-finals.

Liverpool lost to Unai Emery’s Sevilla in the 2016 Europa League final

“I keep remembering that after that match, when we returned to the hotel, all the players were disappointed.

However, Henderson and his teammates quickly regained their spirits because they knew this was just the beginning of Liverpool’s successful reign.

“When the whole team just wanted to put their heads down, our supervisor made us all go downstairs to be together as a team.

Talking about the upcoming opponent in the semi-finals, Liverpool’s captain highly appreciated Villarreal and said that this will not be an easy semi-final match.

`I talked to my old teammate Alberto Moreno and knew that Villarreal is a very strong team. They have beaten Juve and Bayern and have an experienced coach. So the next match will really be a

However, with the advantage of playing at Anfield’s home field, Henderson is confident that his team will have a fiery performance similar to when they played against Barcelona in the semi-finals of the 2019 C1 Cup.

Liverpool captain compared Villarreal to Barcelona at its peak

At Anfield, Liverpool had a `classic` comeback against Barcelona in 2019

“Anfield is always special on European Cup match nights.

We put all our heart and soul into the semi-final against Barca that year and eventually received the reward we deserved, but it wasn’t easy.

Liverpool players celebrate after a historic comeback against Barcelona in the 2019 C1 Cup (source: DUGOUT)

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