Ronaldo overshadowed Messi with a double penalty
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Ronaldo overshadowed Messi with a double penalty

Ronaldo successfully took 2 penalties, while Messi could not beat goalkeeper Buffon even once.

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After the first few minutes of Barcelona dominating, Juventus regained the game to create the first opportunities of the first half.

After opening the score, Juventus continued to play enthusiastically and doubled the gap with McKennie’s beautiful close-range volley.

Ronaldo has a double penalty.

While Ronaldo had a goal in the first half, Messi appeared quite ungainly. He had at least 3 shooting situations but the ball all found the right position for Juventus goalkeeper Buffon.

In the second half, the game was not brighter for the home team.

Ronaldo overshadowed Messi with a double penalty

Messi cannot beat Juve’s defense.

Also having a similar performance in the first half was Lionel Messi. He continued to be the center of Barca’s attacks but still could not defeat veteran goalkeeper Buffon.

Barcelona had to sadly accept a 0-3 defeat at home and cede the top spot in the table to Juventus.

Barcelona: Marc-Andre ter Stegen;

Juventus: Gianluigi Buffon;

(Developments. Photo: Getty)


90+2′: Ronaldo leaves the field to make way for Chiesa.

88′: NO GOAL!

Griezmann took a long shot for good luck, but the ball went too high.

81′: Ronaldo retreated to defend and he just stole the ball from Messi’s feet.

76′: The ball entered Barca’s net but Bonucci was offside after the penalty kick.

70′: DO NOT GO IN!

Puig shot an inaccurate long shot, the ball went too high above the goal.

65′: NO GOAL!

Messi shot from far away so Buffon couldn’t hold the ball, but Braithwaite’s rebound sent the ball over the bar.

58′: NO GOAL!

Griezmann headed the ball against Juve’s crossbar, but there was no equalizer for Barca.

52′: IN!

Ronaldo took the penalty identically to the situation in the first half.

Ronaldo overshadowed Messi with a double penalty


Barcelona’s Lenglet let the ball touch his hand.

49′: NO GOAL!

Ramsey shot from close range but the ball was blocked by goalkeeper Ter Stegen.

46′: Round 2 begins!


45+1′: DO NOT ENTER!

Messi still hasn’t beaten Buffon, although this time the shooting distance was closer, the ball still hit the Juventus goalkeeper.

43′: DO NOT GO IN!

Ramsey took a shot from the edge of the penalty area, sending the ball too high.

36′: NO GOAL!

Messi took a shot in the penalty area after a pass from Alba on the left wing, but the ball hit Buffon.


Miralem Pjanic (Barcelona) right footed shot from outside the penalty area but the ball misses the top left corner of the goal.


Morata headed Juve’s cross from the left wing but the ball went over the bar.

22′: DO NOT GO IN!

Messi fired a low long shot from outside the penalty area but Buffon saved Juventus.

21′: IN!

Juve midfielder Weston McKennie threw a volley into Barcelona’s net.

Ronaldo overshadowed Messi with a double penalty

18′: Barcelona still hasn’t had a shot towards Juventus’ goal.

13′: IN!

Ronaldo successfully took the penalty kick, the ball went towards the left side of the goal.

Ronaldo overshadowed Messi with a double penalty


Ronaldo was fouled by Araujo in the penalty area.


Ronaldo shot low near the edge of the penalty area, but the ball went slightly and hit the Barca goalkeeper.

3′: Trincao’s pass does not reach Griezmann’s feet.

1′: The match starts!

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