The European Parliament passes the Brexit agreement: Ending the long-standing relationship with the UK
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The European Parliament passes the Brexit agreement: Ending the long-standing relationship with the UK

The European Parliament has just approved the Post-Brexit Trade Agreement.

The leaders of Britain, the European Union and European businesses hope that the final ratification of the document will open a new era of cooperation, although many topics still cause division between old partners.

Illustration photo: Reuters

Thus, the document completed on Christmas Eve has passed the final legal barrier to officially take effect, nearly 5 years after Britain decided to withdraw from the European Union.

Speaking immediately after the results were announced, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson emphasized that the vote marks the final step in a long journey to bring stability to Britain’s new relationship with the European Union.

European Council President Charles Michel called it the beginning of a new era, while European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen stressed the need for strict compliance with the agreement.

`The trade and cooperation agreement between the European Union and the UK comes with a binding dispute resolution mechanism and the ability to take unilateral, remedial measures where necessary. And let me be clear

Relations between the European Union and Britain have been strained since the Brexit transition period ended earlier this year.

Britain joined the European Union in 1973 and the country decided to withdraw from the bloc after a referendum in June 2016.

Amid rising tensions between the UK and the European Union over Northern Ireland’s trade rules, the European Union Parliament also affirmed that the agreement will provide additional legal tools to prevent and

Late last year, the European Union launched legal proceedings against the former member after Britain unilaterally decided to delay the implementation of some provisions in the separation agreement related to Northern Ireland.

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