Top 4 is still too expensive for Arsenal
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Top 4 is still too expensive for Arsenal

Arsenal continues to receive another loss in the Premier League.

The Gunners’ weakness

After a series of unbeaten matches in the Premier League, coach Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal seems to be showing its true form at this time.

Arteta must have seen the deviation in the squad he led.

In fact, Arsenal as usual was still a team that played quite well in the first half.

Immediately after Odegaard’s goal, Arsenal’s performance stagnated

Holding the gold, Arsenal’s players were weak.

The opportunity is there, but Mikel Arteta and his students cannot take it.

Aubameyang’s disappointment

Wearing the captain’s armband on his arm, Aubameyang – Arsenal’s number 1 striker – shows his lack of responsibility.

The disappointment was clearly shown when coach Mikel Arteta removed Aubameyang from the starting lineup, replacing it with Lacazette.

Top 4 is still too expensive for Arsenal

Aubameyang does not deserve the captain’s armband

In the final moment of the match against Everton, in a situation where no one was accompanying him, Aubameyang deflected the ball away from the post and directly kicked Arsenal’s 1 point away.

The goals coming to Arsenal right now always come from the midfield and defenders.

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