What are the reasons that help Toyota Corolla Cross establish dominance in the urban SUV segment?
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What are the reasons that help Toyota Corolla Cross establish dominance in the urban SUV segment?

Since the beginning of the year until now, Toyota Corolla Cross has established a significant sales gap with the second-ranked model, Hyundai Creta, thereby affirming its leading position in the segment.

According to a report published by the Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers Association (VAMA), the Vietnamese automobile industry has a decline in sales, shown by the number recorded in April of 22,409 vehicles.

In particular, the urban SUV segment recorded a total of 3,178 units sold, down 755 units compared to the previous month, corresponding to a sales decrease of 19.2%.

Best-selling car models in the urban SUV segment in Vietnam in April 2023:

TT Car model March sales April sales Difference (%)
first Toyota Corolla Cross 1465 vehicles 1310 vehicles -10.6
2 Hyundai Creta 1035 vehicles 637 vehicles -38.5
3 Kia Seltos 751 vehicles 570 vehicles -24.1
4 Honda HR-V 337 vehicles 433 vehicles 28.5
5 Mazda CX-30 165 vehicles 116 vehicles -29.7
6 Mazda CX-3 180 vehicles 112 vehicles -37.8

In April, Toyota Corolla Cross sold a total of 1,310 cars, down 10.6% compared to March sales. However, decline is also the general trend of the Vietnamese auto market last month.

Notably, maintaining sales of more than 1,000 units for 3 consecutive months has helped this model maintain its dominant position in the B-class SUV segment in the Vietnamese market.

Toyota Corolla Cross continues to `stand alone` in the urban SUV segment

The reason for this one-sided situation comes from the stable sales of Corolla Cross.

Specifically, Hyundai Creta had a significant sales decline of 38.5% in April, with only 637 cars distributed to consumers in Vietnam.

Meanwhile, the Kia Seltos saw a significant sales decline in April, with only 570 units sold, 24.1% less than the previous month.

Notably, this takes place in a context where the two Korean car companies are both implementing attractive incentive programs to reduce inventory and increase sales for both 2022 and 2023 production versions.

What are the reasons that help Toyota Corolla Cross establish dominance in the urban SUV segment?

Unstable sales make the Hyundai Creta unable to overthrow the Corolla Cross

After the first 4 months of 2023, Toyota Corolla Cross has succeeded in asserting itself as the dominant urban SUV model in the market with 4,727 units sold, far surpassing Hyundai Creta with only 3,284 units and more than double that of Kia.

In fact, Toyota Corolla has maintained the number 1 position for quite a long time and still shows no signs of being dethroned.

The success of Toyota Corolla Cross is due to its brand reputation and slightly larger size compared to competitors in the same segment, helping to increase interior space.

Furthermore, the car is equipped with impressive features in both entertainment and safety technology.

The B-size SUV from Toyota has maintained stability for a long time, while competitors have suffered many fluctuations in sales.

Notably, Corolla Cross even has a slightly higher price (755-955 million VND) than the two Korean SUV models (in the range of 600-700 million VND).

What are the reasons that help Toyota Corolla Cross establish dominance in the urban SUV segment?

Honda HR-V showed signs of recovery in April but it was difficult to surprise

Since the beginning of this year, Toyota Corolla Cross, Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos have been engaged in a competition to establish sales dominance.

This can be considered a `three-legged stool`, far surpassing other models in the segment.

In addition to the three names above, although sales of Honda HR-V have recovered somewhat, they have not been able to help this model make a breakthrough.

In the near future, it is possible that Toyota will bring a new face to join the segment to increase competitiveness and share the burden for Corolla Cross.

That will most likely be the Toyota Yaris Cross recently launched in the Indonesian market, with a size between the Toyota Raize and Toyota Corolla Cross.

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