Zinedine Zidane was suddenly rejected by the ‘unexpected’ team
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Zinedine Zidane was suddenly rejected by the ‘unexpected’ team

Zinedine Zidane almost joined Blackburn Rovers in 1995 but was ultimately turned down.

Blackburn Rovers almost brought French legend Zinedine Zidane to the Premier League before the move was strangely vetoed by then-owner Jack Walker.

Blackburn were also among the Premier League’s biggest spenders when they won the title in 1995 and were linked with a number of high-profile signings that summer, aiming to defend their domestic crown in

Zidane almost joined Blackburn Rovers.

A move to Ewood Park Stadium would suit Zidane, who will be tasked with creating opportunities for attacking duo Shearer and Chris Sutton.

Walker’s reason for turning down the chance to take Zidane to the Premier League is said to stem from his admiration for title-winning captain Tim Sherwood, with the wealthy Blackburn boss saying: `Why do you want to sign

Blackburn then continued to look for other players in the transfer market in the summer, and only Adam Reed and Matty Holmes joined the club for a total of £1.4 million before they dropped down the rankings.

Zinedine Zidane was suddenly rejected by the 'unexpected' team

Tim Sherwood is the reason why Zidane cannot join the Premier League.

The fact that this team did not add some quality stars like Zidane and Dugarry is said to have marked the decline of Rovers at the top of English football.

Sherwood told the Squeaky Bum Time Podcast back in 2021: `We were the English champions, Zidane and Christophe Dugarry came to the training ground to look around.`

`There was contact with both but I believe we didn’t take advantage of it. The team had the foundation there and we should have rebuilt. Jack Walker’s feeling was: ‘If it doesn’t

`I think the team should have strengthened at that point and maybe we could have gone on and won again.`

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Zidane’s unbelievable goal against Piacenza (Source: DUGOUT)

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