Chelsea lost to West Ham: The illusion of a championship candidate
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Chelsea lost to West Ham: The illusion of a championship candidate

The Blues had to suffer their second loss in the Premier League against West Ham and people believe that coach Thomas Tuchel’s team is too delusional with their current strength.

Unbelievable loss to West Ham

Derby matches in England always show unpredictability, especially in matches between teams in the capital London.

The Blues in the country’s highest tournament are still a difficult team to beat.

Coach Thomas Tuchel continuously makes changes to patch up a seriously damaged squad.

Chelsea suddenly fell off the horse at the Olympics

Despite the difficulties, the Blues’ football sense has been somewhat impaired.

Remember that the confrontation record between Chelsea and the top clubs in the Premier League is not too good.

The Hammer at home is always an annoying team.

Should Tuchel get rid of Jorginho?

Before the new season started, there were opinions from experts, who advised that Thomas Tuchel should eliminate Jorginho because of his subjectivity in the way he plays football as well as his lack of initiative in situations where Chelsea do not have the ball and

Jorginho is currently the focus of all discussion after recent mistakes and causing Chelsea to lose their inherent advantage.

In the match in round 13, Chelsea welcomed Man Utd at home.

Chelsea lost to West Ham: The illusion of a championship candidate

Jorginho must look at himself

In the recent match against West Ham, The Blues also had a satisfactory match, leading the home team at the Olympic Stadium, but Jorginho ruined it.

Mistakes like that are not new to Jorginho.

Tuchel must also be very hot with his student, but he has no choice.

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