Chelsea will make Ronaldo the greatest deal in the club’s history
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Chelsea will make Ronaldo the greatest deal in the club’s history

Chelsea is very ready to recruit Ronaldo, however not because of professional factors but to serve the biggest turning point in the club’s history.

Cristiano Ronaldo failed to leave MU to join Chelsea’s `dream` destination last summer.

Ronaldo was actually linked to many clubs last summer, but after all, the 37-year-old superstar’s decision was still to stay at MU (Photo: internet)

But even so, Ronaldo did not have a chance to go to Chelsea last summer because of many objective factors around him, but the future is a different story.

According to Football London, Chelsea’s board of directors and Ronaldo’s representative – Jorge Mendes – had a discussion about the possibility of the Portuguese superstar joining the Stamford Bridge team next year.

President Todd Boehly needs Ronaldo for Chelsea Club’s long-term plans (Photo: internet)

In recent moves, Todd Boehly has shared his desire to create a model of many clubs run by Chelsea’s leadership.

If something like this can be realized, this will be a major turning point in the history of Chelsea Club.

So the question is, what role does Ronaldo play?

Chelsea will make Ronaldo the greatest deal in the club's history

The huge amount of money that Ronaldo earns on the social networking platform Instagram, far surpasses that of the names ranked below (Photo: internet)

Therefore, almost no small team can `criticize` when hearing the name Ronaldo.

In addition, Ronaldo will also make a significant contribution to professional matters when Chelsea’s attack currently lacks a true goalscorer.

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With the ‘oldest boy’ pointing out, has Ronaldo reached the end of his career?

Cristiano Ronaldo’s extremely classy goal scoring strike (Source: Dugout)

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