For Man City, the championship race has become a ‘one-way street’
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For Man City, the championship race has become a ‘one-way street’

The 3 points recently won against Brentford helped The Citizens establish a record of 10 consecutive wins in the Premier League, thereby further leaving the chasing group.

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After the first leg of the 2021/22 Premier League, the most stable team is none other than a familiar name: Man City.

The 1-0 score against The Bees does not mean that the blue shirt army has had a hard time.

On the day Chelsea was held to a draw by Brighton at Stamford Bridge Stadium, even though it was only a 1-star victory, it was more valuable to Man City.

Man City continues to have more wins in the Premier League

After the embarrassing defeat against Crystal Palace, the Spanish military leader felt his pride was touched.

Besides, Pep Guardiola has done a great job in rotating the force.

Up to this point, the championship race has gone down a one-way path due to the superiority of the blue shirt army, along with the shortness of breath of the teams in the chasing group.

Many people already know how important Phil Foden’s goal was in the match against Brentford.

The most recent evidence is the story of the striker born in 2000 and Jack Grealish being placed on the bench in the matches against Newcastle and Leicester City when both went to a nightclub after a strong victory over Leeds.

There have been predictions that Foden may lose his place in the main team.

For Man City, the championship race has become a 'one-way street'

Foden has redeemed himself

After all, Man City’s goal is to win as many victories as possible and it must all be for the common good of the team.

The English player did not disappoint the Spanish coach’s trust.

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