Russia poured fire on the army that intended to recapture Palmyra
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Russia poured fire on the army that intended to recapture Palmyra

The SDF force led by the Kurds opened the way for IS to conduct a campaign to recapture the Ancient City of Palmyra, but was `burned alive` by Russia.

On May 29, Sputnik quoted a military source as saying that 120 gunmen from the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS) were killed while traveling in a convoy of 39 trucks equipped with guns.

The source further revealed that the Russian military group operating in Syria received several intelligence reports that IS rebels had reached an agreement with Kurdish-led SDF force units operating outside Raqqa, allowing

Russian spy plane flying over Syria.

Immediately afterwards, the commander of the Russian military unit in Syria immediately took measures to block the terrorist’s withdrawal in the south.

Russian surveillance drones have set up networks around the city to observe IS’s escape route, while fighter jets and special forces units are participating in preventing the rebels from escaping.

Previously, Drive also reported that on May 25, the Russian Air Force attacked a convoy of 39 armed trucks carrying IS fighters in the southwest of Palmyra Citadel.

Russia poured fire on the army that intended to recapture Palmyra

Russian aircraft locked an IS target fleeing from the main road from Raqqa to Palmyra.

Video recorded by an infrared device from a Syrian drone shows: Russian attack helicopters launched missiles that destroyed several IS trucks as the convoy was moving along a narrow road in open terrain.

After the first air strike, the convoy stopped, jammed on the road and continued to be prey for missiles that were continuously launched by Russian helicopters afterward.

Some experts believe that IS rebels most likely intentionally left the car behind to find a place to hide after being hit by the first rocket.

According to military analyst – Associate Professor of Political Science and Sociology at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Mr. Alexander Perendzhiev, Russia’s operation this time is a success, a `previous step` to prevent

“Past mistakes have been carefully studied.

Regarding the role of the Kurdish SDF force in opening a corridor for terrorism, Mr. Perendzhiev did not completely confirm its accuracy.

“The Kurds have their own interests and want to control certain territories.

Mr. Perendzhiev also emphasized that it is difficult to accuse the Kurds of opening corridors for rebels, because they can object that there were previously similar corridors for fighters to leave Aleppo to Raqqa.

The Kurdish-led SDF recently received support from the US.

According to Türkiye’s Daily Sabah website, this force received `American multi-rocket launchers, 80 and 120 mm mortars, MK19 grenade launchers, M4 Carbine and M16 infantry rifles, Humvee armored vehicles, FGM-148 anti-tank missile…`.

Clip of ISIS terrorist being ambushed by Russian troops while making their way back to Palmyra:

According to Ngoc Duong

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