Russian weapons array `disturbed` the Syrian battlefield
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Russian weapons array `disturbed` the Syrian battlefield

(Dan Tri) – The anti-terrorism campaign in Syria is considered the largest-scale overseas campaign in modern Russian history.

Kalibr cruise missile

Russian submarine fired missiles to destroy terrorist lair in Syria

It can be said that Russia’s biggest breakthrough weapon in Syria is the Kalibr cruise missile.

The Kabibr missile line has many variations, but the version used in the Syrian battlefield is a ground attack missile with a range of 2,000-2,600km and has the same performance as the US-made Tomahawk missile.

Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier

Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier (Photo: Sputnik)

In November 2016, Russia’s only aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov was dispatched near the Syrian coast to support missions.

Russia’s military needs have always focused on ground combat weapons, so the mobilization of the Kuznetsov ship has important military significance, helping the ship’s crew test and practice in real combat scenarios.

For the Russian Ministry of Defense, the deployment of the Kuznetsov ship is considered a success because the real combat experience gained is extremely valuable.

Tactical bombers

One of the Russian military’s other breakthroughs was testing a long-range tactical bomber.

Although Russia has not dispatched aircraft to perform these missions many times, the missions that have been carried out have been very effective.

Tupolev Tu-95 aircraft carrying Kh-101 cruise missiles to attack IS

Breakthrough aircraft and ammunition technology

The Russian army in the Syrian campaign has tested many advanced weapons and applied military strategies that they have never tried before.

One of the most modern technologies sent by Russia to Syria is the `iron bird` Mig-29SMT, an upgraded version of the legendary Mig-29 aircraft.

Russian Air Force Mi-28N `Dark Hunter` buries IS in Syria

T-90 tank

In addition to sending troops and equipment to participate in direct combat, Russia also indirectly supports the Syrian army with T-90 tanks, helping this force to proactively fight.

Russia `shows off` the powerful combat skills of the T-90 super tank

Unmanned aircraft

During 2 years in Syria, the Russian military used unmanned reconnaissance aircraft as an effective tool to collect information about targets before and after attacks.

Uran-6 mine clearing robot

Russia has dispatched mine-clearing robots to Syrian areas to perform tasks of searching for mines, improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and unexploded bombs to help minimize the danger to engineer forces.

Uran-6 is a remote-controlled mine detector that can detect, identify, and destroy any explosive device containing more than 60kg of TNT explosives.

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