What happened to Aubameyang at Arsenal?
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What happened to Aubameyang at Arsenal?

The Gabonese striker was recently stripped of the captaincy by Arsenal’s coaching staff and will that affect the psychology of the remaining players on the team?

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After signing a new 3-year contract with Arsenal in September 2020, The Gunner fans hoped that Aubameyang’s form at that time would be maintained, and help the Gunners come back strong.

In fact, Aubameyang’s decline in performance has come since last season, when this player continuously appeared ungainly in front of the opponent’s goalkeepers.

This season, bad luck still follows the Arsenal striker as he continues to not have a stable performance.

This season, Aubameyang continues to not be in good form

Not only that, recently, the 32-year-old striker also showed that he despises the discipline of the London team.

Then, after meetings, Arsenal’s coaching staff decided to strip Aubameyang of the captaincy after past events.

The removal of Aubameyang’s captaincy before the match against West Ham made many fans suspect that the psychology of Arsenal players was somewhat affected, causing internal turmoil.

However, it must be remembered that every time The Gunner did not have Aubameyang in the squad, they played better and transformed with diverse tactical pieces.

What happened to Aubameyang at Arsenal?

Arsenal is lucky to still have a veteran like Lacazette in the squad

Not to mention, the victory over Southampton in the last round helped the home team at Emirates Stadium extremely excited.

And even though the upcoming opponent is The Hammer, Arsenal still upholds their competitive spirit to surpass their ‘neighbor’ on the Premier League rankings.

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