Aguero believes Man United can overthrow Man City
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Aguero believes Man United can overthrow Man City

The former Citizens striker recently commented that two current English clubs can challenge Pep Guardiola’s powerful army in the new season and most recently the upcoming FA Cup final between MU and Man City.

Manchester City has won 5 out of the last 6 Premier League championships, affirming its absolute strength in England in recent years, and is aiming for a very successful season with the possibility of winning.

However, even though the final result was that Man City won the championship position, the race until the end of the Premier League was never completely easy for Pep Guardiola’s army.

Recently, the iconic striker at Etihad, Sergio Aguero, shared his comments on the competitiveness of teams with great potential to challenge Man City’s dominance in the Premier League next season.

Aguero believes that MU can overthrow Pep Guardiola’s powerful Man City.

‘This is football, and this tournament is the Premier League, everyone should remember that’.

‘Man United is a serious opponent.

`The closest will be the FA Cup final, it will definitely be a difficult match against Man City. Erik Ten Hag understands Man City very well and he knows what he needs to do. Just like how they won back in the day.

Aguero believes Man United can overthrow Man City

Arsenal is also a formidable opponent in the new season.

`I think Arsenal is the same, Mikel Arteta has built a very good playing style, a perfect tactical system with talented players. Arteta and his students have proven that in the 2022 season/

Pep Guardiola understands that, but the Spanish coach’s class and adaptability are things that have been affirmed throughout his coaching career.

If there really is a coup taking place, the Premier League will certainly become more and more attractive with more fiery matches, beautiful performances, and eye-catching matches in the future.

Aguero statue outside Etihad Stadium.

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