Who is Ralf Rangnick and how will he elevate MU?
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Who is Ralf Rangnick and how will he elevate MU?

Finally, the story of the new coach of MU after the Solsa era has ended when last night, the British newspaper The Sun confirmed that Ralf Rangnick will temporarily be the `teacher` at Old Trafford until the end of the 2021 season.

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Gegenpressing, Jurgen Klopp’s all-out attack and pressing style, has made Liverpool display its terrifying strength in recent years.

Rangnick is highly respected by Jurgen Klopp and other German coaches.

Mr. Ralf Rangnick (63 years old) has nearly 40 years of experience as a coach and led Schalke 04 to runner-up position in the German Championship in the 2004-2005 season.

In addition to coaching expertise, Rangnick also works as both football director and sports and development director of Red Bull Group, including 4 football clubs New York Red Bulls (MLS), Red Bull

Who is Ralf Rangnick and how will he elevate MU?

Rangnick is a person with a 180-degree opposite personality compared to his predecessor Solskjaer.

Because of his `multi-talent` in football expertise, he also discovered a series of big stars of contemporary football such as Erling Haaland, Timo Werner, Sadio Mane or versatile midfielder – defender Josua Kimmich.

Currently, this 63-year-old military leader is still holding the role of sports development director of Lokomotiv Moscow Club in Russia and is waiting to complete all procedures to return to work at Manchester United.

Ralf Rangnick’s favorite formation is 4-3-3 with two full-backs pushing forward.

As a goalkeeper, David de Gea will certainly still be the most reliable stopper of any coach.

MU’s back four that will be used a lot by Mr. Rangnick will probably be: Wan-Bissaka, Varane, Maguire and L.Shaw.

Because he is a coach who loves the full-backs to rise up, coordinate, create space for the strikers or put the ball into the penalty area, L.Shaw will definitely be Rangnick’s number 1 choice on offense.

Who is Ralf Rangnick and how will he elevate MU?

Shaw and Wan-Bissaka will be regular choices for MU’s two wing corridors.

In the opposite corridor, Wan-Bissaka will definitely have to improve a lot in attack.

MU’s centre-back pair is a headache as Maguire becomes more `comical` the more he plays and Varane seems to have only recently adapted to the team.

The German coach will definitely want MU’s midfield to be truly flexible, so most likely, star Paul Pogba will not be used much by him.

Who is Ralf Rangnick and how will he elevate MU?

Van De Beek finally scored again after 15 months in MU’s embarrassing loss to Watford.

Regarding Bruno, the performance and class of the Portuguese player are unquestionable, so he will naturally be an important link for MU regardless of any coach.

In the striker line, the coordination and flexible movement of the trident is the German coach’s number 1 priority.

Who is Ralf Rangnick and how will he elevate MU?

The trident nose promises to be extremely transformative for MU under the German coach.

Having just scored his first goal for MU, Sancho deserves a chance to play on the right wing.

Likewise, Rashford is a versatile attacker, but plays wide and moves flexibly.

Who is Ralf Rangnick and how will he elevate MU?

Photo source: Manchester Evening News

In short, whether Ralf Rangnick will bring success to MU or not, time will have to be proven, but what we can confirm is that Manchester United under the German strategist will no longer `lull` viewers.

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