Great rivalries and friendships beyond the golf course
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Great rivalries and friendships beyond the golf course

​​​​​​Golf is an aristocratic sport, requiring gentleness, sometimes as quiet as the auditorium of a concert.

Let’s take a look at pairs of opponents who are considered rivals at tournaments but have a close, close relationship with a strong and noble friendship.

Jordan Spieth & Justin Thomas

Perhaps this is considered a pair of rivals who have had great successes in their careers, but are also close friends. They have played together since they were 13 years old and have made steady progress together.

Jordan Spieth was once the world No. 1 on the world golf rankings (OWGR), he has 12 PGA tour titles, including 3 Major titles, along with the FedEx Cup championship in 2015, for

Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas soon became rivals and close friends from San Gold.

Having gone through many tournaments together, sometimes fierce competition for the championship title, but people have never questioned the rift in their friendship, Justin Thomas himself

There are many friendships in sports, sometimes they appear as rivals, but between Jordan Spieth – Justin Thomas is considered rare, hard to find and we all wait for the return of their brilliance.

Tiger Wood & Rory Mcilroy

It can be said that Tiger and Rory are two different generations. If Tiger is gradually closing the final chapter in his great epic for golf, then Rory is the embodiment, the inheritance of what Tiger has gone through.

In 2012, at an event in China, while sitting next to Tiger, Rory suddenly revealed that he was Tiger’s best friend. Rory said: `Our friendship started in Abu Dhabi, but it never happened.`

Great rivalries and friendships beyond the golf course

The couple are not the same age, but always accompany each other in life and career.

We all remember the moment that was reported and talked about a lot by the media around the world in 2022 when at hole 18 of the 150th The Open, Tiger walked to hole number 18 and he was sure to win.

In the world of Golf, there is always the concept of `face to face` to talk about each other’s opponents through tournaments. Friendship on the golf course is sometimes a luxury. Let’s take a look at two legends of the same time.

Recently, when talking about his son Charlie Woods (who will probably continue his career), Tiger advised him to `learn from Rory, not from dad`. This also shows us how Tiger respects

Friendship is always about respect, sharing, and growing together, and we believe that, with age-gap friendship, Rory will have the title The Masters, the only Major title he lacks, and Tiger will be one again.

Xander Schauffele & Patrick Cantlay

Let’s remember the moment of the 2022 Zurich Classic of New Orleans, where Xander Schauffele and Patrick Cantlay played together and were crowned champions with a record of (-29).

Great rivalries and friendships beyond the golf course

Handshakes and smiles demonstrate close friendship.

Xander Schauffele and Patrick Cantlay are probably two talented Golfers who are both in the top 10 Golfers in the world but have not yet won a Major title in their careers to date.

With Xander Schauffele, he is often very cold in competition but full of fun off the golf course. He and Patrick Cantlay, his close friend, compete fiercely in each tournament, but after the tournament we see the relationship again.

It is true that when there is competition, there is development and we believe that the competition between Xander Schauffele and Patrick Cantlay will make their friendship stronger and together aim for the Major title, the missing title in the competition.

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