MU winning against Coventry is a shame!
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MU winning against Coventry is a shame!

Leading 3-0, drawing 3-3 in the last 20 minutes.

Facing an opponent that was underestimated in every aspect, MU seemed like it could `eat up` Coventry.

Coventry is in the middle of the Championship rankings and they are fighting to get into the top 6.  Coventry coach Robins himself affirmed that his team is lacking a lot of things and understands that they are not MU’s opponents.

MU had a bad victory against Coventry – Photo: Getty

Ten Hag’s expensive stars almost created a stain that is hard to erase in history, leading Coventry 3-0 but allowing the opponent to equalize in the FA Cup semi-final.

Coventry’s glorious victory against giant MU and Ten Hag’s team was truly terrible.

Chelsea has such good physical strength and mentality but still lost to a `tired` Man City with a score of 0-1. With a MU that likes to make mistakes like this, will that number double, triple or quadruple?

MU winning against Coventry is a shame!

Ten Hag seriously lost points before MU Board of Directors – Photo: Getty

Second, he could not convey his intentions to his students.

Next is how to change Ten Hag’s personnel.

MU winning against Coventry is a shame!

Rashford played extremely well in the match against Coventry – Photo: Getty

MU fans believe that coach Ten Hag lacks courage and does not dare to replace star players like Rashford.

After MU cut the contract with Cristiano Ronaldo and parted ways with De Gea, Rashford was the player receiving the highest salary at MU (300,000 pounds per week).

After the semi-final against Coventry, Rashford limped off the field.

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